Artist Statement

I practice design because I enjoy getting people to think.

My career goal is to create designs that are impactful and serve a purpose in society. I dive into projects by doing research. Once I know my assets, I can push the design by understanding all of its possibilities in order to find the strongest composition. I prefer taking on challenges by calculating the importance of each element of the project. My current work has clean lines, sharp forms, and a method of placement. I feel that my work is relatable for the audience while demonstrating a strength of knowledge, intellect, and bubbly charisma. Society’s norms are challenges that need to be pushed and explored in order to create strong, functional works with their own successful purposes. My style of design provides me with a strength in illustration, typography, and corporate branding. With my analytical and technical way of thinking, I have an aptitude for technical projects that involve many components like text, logos, and formatting specifications.

Graphic design did not come into view as a career option for me until I took 2D Design as an elective in high school. The assignments were exciting for me because I was challenged with combining messages with visual language rather than simply writing Advanced Placement papers about rhetoric and language as a whole. Being challenged to take messages that contained calls to action or rhetorical propaganda and combine them into visual pieces that successfully delivered the message to the targeted audience really developed my skills as a critical thinker. I like it when my work serves a purpose and enhances the audience’s view on the subject of the piece even to the smallest degree. What is even more fascinating to me is when people who are not involved with design express to me how my work speaks to them and it is exactly what I wanted them to get out of it or they say something I didn’t think of that catches me off guard. The theory of visual communication being a universal global language then became my senior thesis, which I still support and abide by today.

If I could, I would live out the rest of my career listening to HGTV in the background while illustrating characters to be used in animation or develop corporate branding guides. Why not be able to have fun making little creations come to life and then balance it with a structured design that makes you think technically and analytically down to the last point or pica? Don’t even get me started on color theory and the impact it has on psychology, because we could be here all through next week.