Omuboro Orange Paint


This project was an assignment in Packaging Design, where we were learning about the history and standards of packaging. The assignment was to create our own paint can collection that would be displayed in the National Crafts Museum or the Museum of Modern Art.

I was inspired by typography and visual illusion artists. I played with the concept of using characters within a typeface to form the illusion of depth and pattern, while also hiding a message that would require the viewer to take a detailed look at the design. I also took into consideration how the can would look next to another can of the same design as part of a display in a store in which case the design is actively engaging shoppers from up close and far away.

For this project, I practiced laying out type in formats that would cause vibrations for the eye. I was able to make a repeated pattern that was organic and varied with other characters. Some of the characters are the same color as the featured color band in order to tie in the featured color with the rest of the design. The name was inspired by the African Cherry Orange which is natively called “omuboro” in western Africa. The color scheme for the collection was inspired from a world color theory book for international design.

This piece was selected to be shown in the juried Gold Show of 2017.

Completed Fall Semester 2016.

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