Rocket Fizz Candy Box

Rocket Fizz Candy Box on display in the RMU 2017 Gold Show.

Rocket Fizz Candy Box on display in the RMU 2017 Gold Show.

Design a candy box for the Rocket Fizz franchise location in Robinson Twp. Shopping Center. Showcase the mood of the candy store and determine what form of box would be the best fit for a candy box. Go to the store and collect research on common candy and soda sold, the target audience and the intended purpose of the candy box.

Rocket Fizz has a bright and playful logo. By using a lid and base, the box can have multiple sides that capture the mood of the Rocket Fizz brand. Pop art is a common theme that the Packaging Design class stated when doing research on the store and its products. The lid has a simple yellow background with magenta dots repeated around the edges of the lid and three locations for the Rocket Fizz logo to be showcased. The base is double sided and features a magenta and yellow outer space pattern with planets and a rocket ship.

I decided to keep the design simplified to yellow and magenta color plates in order to keep production costs of the box low. The logo inspired me to take an outer space approach and really create a captivating base that would have customers looking on every side to see the whole design. As for the lid being so simple compared to the base, it allows for the branding to be showcased and seen at every angle.

This project was featured in the juried Robert Morris University 2017 Gold Show.

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