Senior Portfolio Capstone Projects

View my senior portfolio book.

View my corporate identity branding.

View a copy of a process book for the Dark and Early coffee shop.

This is my senior portfolio book that features projects I have completed within the 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts track in Graphic Design at Robert Morris University. It was featured in the 2017 Senior Portfolio Show in April 2017. My book was a printed piece on hand picked linen paper and bound within a ghosted plexiglass book that adhered to my corporate branding. I also have included links to my corporate identity branding as an example of how to take a design and expand it into various formats. There is also a link to a process book I did for a vector graphics assignment where each student had to design an original coffee shop from scratch.

I am very proud of my achievements and success within the past four years at Robert Morris University as a three time Dean’s Scholar, listed 8 times on the School of Communication and Information Systems Dean’s List, and a recipient of the Media Arts Leadership Award chosen by the faculty and staff within the Media Arts department. I have had four internships within 2-3 years of school.

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