Twitter East Coast HQ Signage and Event Promotion

Design ceremonial signage and building signage that adhere to building codes and regulations. Represent a Twitter Headquarters that would be located on University Boulevard in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Extend the signage into an invitation and promotional item for the grand opening of the headquarters.

The ceremonial signage was inspired by the ability of Twitter users to connect quickly and constantly. The materials used are tinted see-through fiber glass that can withstand the elements and provide a safe view to turn onto University Blvd. from the headquarters parking lot. At night, the panels would glow their respective color from the base of the sign in order to keep the sign and address visible. The eye within the bird glows to match and tie in with the building signage.

The building signage represents the intensely connected network of Twitter. Each orb glows when a tweet is sent anywhere around the world. At night, the sign would appear as a connected network of stars, which can be expanded how the whole world is constantly connected. The whole structure is three dimensional and powered by solar energy.

Twitter’s East Coast Headquarters Grand Opening invitation gives a preview of the building signage. The band on the promotional giveaway also shows the signage from the building.

Product Photography Credit goes to Ms. Kelley Bittner of  Kelley Bittner Photography. Her strong and powerful photography can be viewed on her website at

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