Type Family Posters

This project was an assignment in Intro to Typography, where we were instructed to use Adobe Illustrator in order to study the relationships of type families and how the characters interact with each other in the aspects of design. The assignment was to create two posters showcasing the type families with one typeface from each and in an abstract design. One poster must be in black and white where as the other poster must be in color.

I experimented with the point sizes and typeface variations. This assignment was fun for me because I could use already created forms and use them as jigsaw pieces to create a puzzle that no one else saw until I pieced it together.

For this project, I practiced using the preloaded fonts in Adobe Illustrator and studied their letterforms. I decided to create my posters by sticking to the characters’ original vector shapes in order to add an extra challenge to push my strengths and creativity. A main challenge was to decide on which characters to use and from which typefaces in each type family. I felt using uncommon letters would seem more abstract to the eye due to our lack of familiarity with them in our written language.

Completed Fall Semester 2014.

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