Mac Mouse Typeface

Mac Mouse Typeface

This project was an assignment in Intro to Typography, where we were learning how to use Adobe Illustrator and study the history of typography and how the structure and forms are an important element in design. The assignment was to create our own typeface by hand and then translate it into a digital file.

I was inspired by technology and my inexperience with Apple products. I played with the cord on the mouse at my computer and made letters out of it making sure to sketch out each letter form.

For this project, I practiced bringing in hand sketched artwork from my sketchbook into Adobe Illustrator. I was able to make sure the letterforms create an expression of continuity by noticing which parts of the strokes could be repeated. Some of the letterforms required specialized strokes and took a couple of thumbnails to truly understand the mouse cord and letter structure.

Completed Fall Semester 2014.

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